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Saya akan coba share mengenai apa saja yang merupakan job description dari pekerjaan pipeline engineer yang saya peroleh dari  web.
Dan anda pun bisa berkunjung ke website tersebut karena banyak informasi yang menarik seputar dunia kerja baik itu di engineering atau di bidang lainnya.

Tapi saya akan coba membahasnya di item yang paling bawah, istilahnya itu menstranlate dengan tata bahasa yang saya pakai, berhubung Bahasa Inggris saya masih tahap pembelajaran. Tapi belum tahu apa bisa sekarang atau nanti pada saat saya sedang ada mood untuk membahasnya dalam bahasa Indonesia.


Engineering specialities include chemical, civil and electrical engineering. A career as a pipeline engineer provides engineering students with another engineering career choice. These professionals assist with transferring natural resources and work with science and safety specialists.

Duties & Responsibilities :
Pipeline engineers work irregular hours and find employment opportunities in oil companies and pipeline consulting firms. A pipeline engineer provides specialized engineering services. This professional helps with oil and gas product transportation such as natural gas. One duty involves tracking how products flow through a pipeline, including a waste-water treatment pipeline.
Additional basic duties include meeting and discussing transportation routes, creating structural drawings and delegating pipeline assignments to junior workers. As parts of the pipeline project is completed, a pipeline engineer revisits the job site and performs safety checks.

Basic Qualification to become pipeline engineer :
According to a June 2010 report on diploma guide education and career site, potential students researching the field of pipeline engineering must understand engineering principles, design and construction.
The same June 2010 report shows employers hiring applicants who have obtained engineering degree. These applicants complete a bachelor's of science degree in structural, chemical or mechanical engineering. Engineering students complete science and math courses such as general chemistry and calculus.

Additional Qualifications if you like to improve :
Students who finish pipeline engineering internship may face less competition. An engineering internship provides students with experience for performing independent research, completing scientific reports and interacting with engineering personnel.
Some employers prefer applicants with project management experience. The project management experience involves developing plans for pipeline projects and monitoring a project's progression.
Students need to learn the state engineering requirements for potential employers, since some employers or states require a license or certification.

Work Environment 
Pipeline engineers spend time indoors such as meeting with clients or construction professionals. Some assignments require acceptance of short-term relocation assignments.
According to a June 2010 report on Careers in Oil and Gas site, these professionals work non-traditional work hours and face safety issues such as exposure to toxins.
The work environment include oil and gas companies, private companies and pipeline contractors. Some employers offer full-time employment to former engineering interns.

Salary/ Pitty / Wanni Piro???
Students who enjoy math and science can choose a career as a pipeline engineer for its salary potential. According to a June 2010 report on Simply Hired job site, pipeline engineers in Alaska earn an average annual salary of $82,000. The same June report shows the national average annual salary of $73,000.
These average annual salary figures differ based on geographical location, education and experience. For example, the report shows the national average annual salary for engineers of $68,000.

Sumber /Source :
Anda baca dulu dalam bahasa Inggris seperti yang tertuang diatas agar anda bisa menambah wawasan di bidang penguasaan bahasa Inggris agar tidak seperti saya yang masih minim dalam penguasaan bahasa Inggris. 

Survey salary diatas hanya terjadi pada tahun 2010, kalau untuk di Australia kalau mau standard gajinya coba aja check di simple

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