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Saya iseng-iseng search di Mbah Google untuk mencari apa-apa saja yang diperlukan untuk menjadi seorang pipeline engineer yach berhubung saya masih bingung apa sich sebenarnya requrement seorang pipeline engineer yang di butuhkan di Australia.

Akhirnya saya nemuin sebuah website yang judulnya : Karena ini saya pikir sangat menarik makanya saya share di blog ini dan mudah-mudahan awal pencerahan yang baik buat kita semua.

by an eHow Contributor

Pipeline engineers help develop massive lines of gas and oil pipes to help fuel entire communities. These engineers have to bring an interdisciplinary approach to their work, because it involves engineering, construction and civil planning. Your journey toward a pipeline engineering position requires patience and a desire for comprehensive knowledge.

 1. Seek a bachelor's degree in engineering to begin your career as a pipeline engineer. This degree parh will take 4 years and will help you become proficient in the design, budgeting and implementation of pipeline project

2. Gain familiarity with the predominant design software used by engineering firms for pipeline design. Your university and your first employer provide you with basic software. But you should seek proficiency in alternative software in to review trade publications that offer demo links.

3. Open yourself up to new opportunities in pipeline engineering by staying flexible about work-related travel. Pipeline engineers must head out to job sites on a regular basis to assess progress of pipe fitting and structural construction around those pipes. You should become comfortable with traveling at least 25 percent of your early career to stay competitive.

4.  Obtain employment with a construction company during your summer breaks from college. Several months of work on a commercial construction site will show you the hard work and diligence that is used with every engineering project.

5.  Work with your academic adviser to land an internship with a local engineering firm during your final year of school. A pipeline engineering internship allows you to see all stages of creating a pipeline while you are still learning basic engineering principles. These positions also offer a good reference and a potential employer after graduation.

6.  Start a habit of meeting with laborers and foremen on your pipeline projects. These meetings allow you to gauge construction issues with a pipeline and evaluate the construction site in person.

7.  Compile a list of contractors and regional companies as you become a pipeline engineer. The contacts you establish early in your career can be utilized to save money and create a quality pipeline for future employers.

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Gimana sudah ada gambaran untuk menjadi seorang Pipeline Engineer????

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